YL 303 BS


 * Table Size

 260(W) X 220(H) mm

 * Tension   

 1 ~ 20kg

 * Strapping Speed

 27 (Strapping / min)

 * Dimensions

 515(W) x 325(D) X 1140(H) mm

 * Weight


 * Power Supply

 AC 100V, 220V, 50/60Hz

 * Strap Width 

 6mm / 8mm / 10mm

 * Length

 2286mm / 1524mm / 1200mm

Guide plate for strapping bank note
   - Completes the strapping work for bank notes fast and conveniently.

Excellent durability and precision
   - Has enhanced the precision of every main parts and reduced error rate to the minimum
     which happens to strapping machines during operation. Also, this model has jam-free
     mechanism and processes the strapping work to 100% exactly.

Built-in apparatus to absorb bad smell

   - Bad smell given off during strapping operation passes through hardwood charcoal filtering system
     and gets discharged and it provides pleasant working environment.

High quality of intermational level
   - Acquired CE mark (European Electricity Safety), ISO9001(Quality Guarantee) and the
     certificate of Korea New Technology(NT) from Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
     and was chosen as Excellent Quality Product by Public Procurement Service.

Strapping work is twice faster than semi-automatic strapping machine
   - By pressing start button or foot switch strapping work is done automatically and working
     speed is much faster than semi-automatic strapping machine.

Easy adjustment of strapping tension
   - User can adjust the strapping tension by turning tension dial in the front panel.

Differences from machine without stand
   - Wheels make transportation easy in frequent moving environment and band is much longer
      than machine without stand and so reduces band exchange to one third.(This type is much
     convenient when there are in need of many band exchanges.)

Merits after application
  - Strapping speed is about two times faster and convenient than semi-automatic strapping machine. 
  - By using the band of 0.3~0.4mm in thickness strapped status is clean and reduces expense of

  - Built-in bad smell absorbing apparatus reduces a great deal of bad smell.