Banker's / Model No. :(DP988)

Features & Functions: 

1.   Automatic feeding detector, without orientation limits, with compact size

2.   Can discriminate value and detect very good quality counterfeits

3.   Easy access note transport path, for better maintenance and jam removing

4.   LCD display, user-friendly interface

5.   Easy upgrade, PC upgrade for new issues or software upgrade

6.   Counterfeit Detection: magnetism, infrared, image, spectrum, length, thickness etc.

7.   Available Currencies:  EUR , USD , LBP , SYP , CHF , GBP .


 Detecting Speed:

 200-250 notes per minute

 Power consumption:


 Power supply:

 AC 100240V 50/60Hz or DC 12V/1A or battery (optional)

Battery capacity:

 Rechargeable lithium battery 10.8V /2000mAh(optional)



 Net weight:

 1.60KG(Without battery)