* Up to 8 currencies software can be installed in machine at one time (operating software is, EURO plus one of six currencies which can be chosen by operator) Euro, US Dollar, British Pound, Russian Ruble, Turkish Lim, Canadian Dollar, Swedish Krona, Chinese RMB,Brazilian Real etc.,
High accuracy and complex ispection: Quantity and position of magnetic ink, Infra-red ink, Spectrum ink, secure thread, Image printing process etc.
* High speed:<0.5second/sheet.
* List of detected pieces denomination.
* Update Software via internet by RS-232 or USB interface.
* Large LCD display and touch screen control panel to provide human interface.


* Rechargeable battery inside for portable usage, the standby time is more than 24 hours.
* Banknotes serial number printing software is available which is for USD, EURO, etc.. (for printing serial number, only one feeding direction is acceptable).
* Printer (printing sum of list or serial number of banknotes).
* Plug for car charge use


* Dimensions: 220(D) x 140(W) x 90(H) mm
* Net weight: 1.05 kgs (with battery)
* Power source: 100-240V DC adapter or battery
* Power consumption: MAX 10W
* Battery capaticy: 10.8V 10000mAh